My Summer with Sailors

Photo credit Cris Medina | Passionart (@HEKAU | @Passionart)
Photo credit Cris Medina | Passionart (@HEKAU | @Passionart)

The Winter Olympics has come and gone and I’m remembering a summer I spent with sailors. I packed my bags, left my twenty month-old daughter in the care of my mom, and spent ten days at the beach.

It was 1991. I was working in radio and had only been a wife and mom for a little under two years. Call it irresponsible; call it crazy. It was something I simply had to do.

The me I am now though would not leave my child behind the way I did, but in the same breath I don’t necessarily regret doing what I did. I guess I got lucky. Kyera was with my mom and then husband. Whose better care could she have been in?

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One thought on “My Summer with Sailors”

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