Three Books for Rethinking Your Time and Stuff

I have my Kindle to blame for my Multiple Simultaneous Book Reading Syndrome. It’s hard to not buy eBooks when they’re less than $10 a pop! Sometimes they’re less than $5! I end up buying two to three per month. I buy more when the $1.99 page on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore has lots of good stuff.

I wasn’t looking for books to tell me how to rethink my time and my stuff, but somehow I coincidentally bought three that kinda turned into a theme. Maybe on some level in my psyche, I’ve been craving for order and clarity. Hmmmm.

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Memorial Day 2015

My favorite place in Manila is the Manila American Cemetery. When I was a girl surrounded by the noise and pollution of the city, it reminded me of home. It was the only place I felt truly connected to my roots in the U.S. (Not counting Clark Air Base when it was still around.)

My mom and I would go to the cemetery with a friend visiting from out of the country, or we’d simply visit on a random day. The cemetery is run like a U.S. facility, orderly and pristine. It’s out of place in the middle of busy, dirty Manila. Yet it’s there. All 152 acres with row upon row of white crosses and Stars of David, silent.

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Hello Apple Watch Sport

The Day I Met My Apple Watch Sport

I’m not the type of geek that wakes up at 2 a.m. Central (I live in Nashville.) to pre-order an Apple product. My boss is. I’m more of a wake-me-up-after-the-hype-dies-down kinda gal. I honestly don’t see the point in being first in line for a product that will either be buggy or outdated within a year.

Apple announced the Apple Watch in September 2014 and was vague about pre-order times. They were pegged at anywhere during “Early 2015” and “Coming Spring.”

“Early” happened on April 10. “Available” was never a promise, so the world settled on pre-ordering on April 10 and the scheduled “Preview” on April 24. With their other products, Apple had launch days that let you walk into a store to get a device after waiting overnight, sometimes a week or more BEFORE the actual day. Everyone who pre-ordered theirs waited by their doors on launch day for the delivery person, which was the surest way to get something. Order early, get it on launch day.

I was on the fence about getting an Apple Watch. I thought it was a cool idea, but bristled at the thought of being constantly on a watch the way I am with my phone.

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NYC Lunch

Thank You, 2014!

1. What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?

I visited my dream city, NYC, and even got to go twice.  My first trip was for work. Our organization hosted a campus ministry conference through our New York church. We stayed at the Hilton near Times Square which was a few blocks from the conference venue. I walked to Central Park, met a friend at The Shops at Columbus Circle and ate dessert at Bouchon, explored Times Square at midnight, and met another friend for a long walk around the city that ended with Chinese food at a hole in the wall off Broadway.

My second visit was for pleasure. I stayed at an apartment in Ridgewood. I fell in love with the neighborhood and its bodegas and multiple cultures. If I were to live in New York, Ridgewood is definitely where I would want to be.

I drove for Uber! I’ve never been paid to drive people before! Was definitely an adventure and I’m proud to say I left as a highly-rated driver. :-)

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