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Cool Nashville

I never would’ve discovered as much of Nashville as I have over the past month since I started driving part-time for a ride sharing service. I’m slowly learning the city like I’ve learned the back of my hand: its nooks, crannies, bumps, and ridges.

Now, I need to actually carve out the time to go inside the places or go to the events where I drop people off. Nashville has so much to offer!

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I love this city almost as much as I love this other place. Maybe I want to live here someday. 


Ten Percent

Curvy Fit
The look of shock that I’m fifty pounds lighter!

Losing weight and keeping it off don’t often go hand in hand according to research on obesity that says our hormones are not on our side. More than eighty percent of people who lose weight gain it back in two years.

I lost fifty pounds over the course of thirteen months and it only took me one harsh winter and the comfort of carbs to see the return of six pounds. My clothes still fit perfectly and I’m still the same size but the scale does not lie.

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My Summer with Sailors

Photo credit Cris Medina | Passionart (@HEKAU | @Passionart)
Photo credit Cris Medina | Passionart (@HEKAU | @Passionart)

The Winter Olympics has come and gone and I’m remembering a summer I spent with sailors. I packed my bags, left my twenty month-old daughter in the care of my mom, and spent ten days at the beach.

It was 1991. I was working in radio and had only been a wife and mom for a little under two years. Call it irresponsible; call it crazy. It was something I simply had to do.

The me I am now though would not leave my child behind the way I did, but in the same breath I don’t necessarily regret doing what I did. I guess I got lucky. Kyera was with my mom and then husband. Whose better care could she have been in?

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Around Midnight at Times Square

In Love with NYC

I’m out of words to describe how smitten I am with NYC so please visit my Storehouse story Love at First Sight (Coming Undone in NYC), listen to my podcast in under five minutes When Dreams Come, and check out my Flickr set NYC Winter 2014, which I’ll upload here as a Gallery.

I’m smitten. I swoon and sigh and long for the day I will return.

A work trip just does not offer enough time to really get to dive into a city and explore her nook and crannies. I’m not complaining though. My brief time with her was breathtaking.

When Dreams Come

Around Midnight at Times Square
I walked Times Square around midnight when I was in New York. I loved it.

I’ve dreamed about visiting New York for as long as I can remember. When I got to go for work, I was ecstatic.

She was everything I imagined her to be: loud, busy, frenetic. , exciting. I’m smitten. I will definitely be back to see more of her. Being a bystander on the Today show at 6am is on my list. Don’t laugh. Okay, fine. You can laugh.

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